Marc Baraka Strauch

Business & GTM Plans

Building and executing on business and go-to-market (GTM) plans for early stage software and clean-green tech and consumer companies.

  • Microsoft (Seattle) – Co-wrote with Product Manager the business and GTM plan for Microsoft Academy, Microsoft’s internal video podcasting portal that was in process of being repositioned as an enterprise product.
  • BioChar Global Solutions (Oregon) – Built business plan and presentation documents for capital formation of green tech startup that produced industrial grade biochar.
  • Clean Solutions (Oregon) – Built business and fundraising plan for green tech startup that installed industrial-scale waste-to-energy systems.
  • Verde Ventures (Sacramento) – Built business and capitalization plan for green real estate developer.
  • Blu Company (Oregon) – Developed GTM strategy for several technologies in the portfolio of this early stage green tech R&D company.
  • NeoPower (Oregon) – Created GTM plan and corporate identity, branding, positioning and messaging for startup solar energy-based LED lighting company.
  • XTV Labs (Oregon) – Built GTM plan for next generation HDTV streaming media.
  • Tidal Wave Group (Oregon) – Co-wrote business and strategic plan for new digital marketing consultancy focused on helping grow companies focused on environmental sustainability and triple bottom line accountability.
  • The Water Wand (Oregon) – Built GTM plan and direct to consumer ecommerce website for development stage, natural products company.
  • XSuperFood (Oregon) – Co-wrote GTM plan and direct to consumer ecommerce website for developmental stage natural products company.
  • Software Objects (Seattle) – Co-wrote business plan for early-stage software company.
  • MGTV (Iowa) – Developed idea and wrote business plan for online video-based learning website focused on online marketing.
  • Forensic Scan (NYC) – Co-wrote GTM plan, developed marketing collateral and helped in business and new development for start-up forensic computing company with proprietary (patent pending) malware detection system.
  • TreadZone (Los Angeles) – Created business and GTM plan and investor presentation materials for new health and fitness machine that integrates walking and working.
  • iBoomer (Los Angeles) – Created business and strategic plan for start-up online-based video magazine focused on the affluent 40-plus audience.
  • Grandmothers Council (NYC) – Developed strategic plan, wrote, implemented and co-produced successful crowdfunding campaign including budget and allocation of funds which raised more than $40,000 for global gathering in Gabon, Africa, 2015 in under five weeks.
  • Declaration of Consciousness (Los Angeles) – Producer, Creative Director and visual information architect for redeaux of website dedicated to raising human consciousness.
  • Food is Medicine Movie (Iowa) – Co-producer, Creative Director and writer of website for Food is Medicine, a feature-length documentary movie about the life and experiences of Dr. Terry Wahls who cured herself of advanced second stage Multiple Sclerosis using non-conventional non-allopathic protocols of diet, targeted nutritional supplements, and lifestyle.
  • Wholelife (San Francisco) – Oversaw market research and wrote the business and go-to-market plan for the re-launch of this esteemed LOHAS brand as a multimedia B2B and B2C e-media platform. Helped develop cash flow pro forma and built investor-facing PowerPoint deck. Acting Co-CEO.
  • Codename: Xanadu (Los Angeles) – Conducted market research and strategic analysis and wrote the business, go-to-market, and operations plan for the building and launch of an innovative e-commerce platform focused on the Quality of Life market space. Helped develop cash flow pro forma and built investor-facing PowerPoint deck. Market launch anticipated 2Q17. Acting CEO.
  • Clode: Commercial Hashtag Registry (Portland) – Worked with founder and CEO to develop business plan, cash flow pro forma, and investor-facing collateral and documentation.
  • (Los Angeles) – Market research and business case analysis to validate existing business model and assess market potential for new business model.