Marc Baraka Strauch

Capital Formation

Involved strategically and tactically in capital formation and fundraising from venture capitalists, private equity groups and individual angel investors for technology companies and from foundation and public sources for community organizations and Native American tribal councils.

  • Glob Media Works (Seattle) – As co-founder and director of marketing for, a common information network, co-wrote capital formation plan and co-raised seed round of $750k from private individuals.
  • Topaz Bridge (Seattle) – As co-founding CEO built business plan and raised $1.5M seed round from private individuals toward institutional round of $4.5M.
  • NS8 (Seattle) – As CMO built roadshow deck and presented to many mid-tier venture capital companies; in conjunction with CEO raised several million dollars through privat equity groups.
  • Music Mogul (NYC) – Capital formation from private individuals for startup creating online virtual world dedicated to music and video distribution.
  • Solar Housing, Central Area Motivation Program (NYC & Seattle) – Wrote proposal and got funded for $1.0M from Ford Foundation for Seattle low-income solar housing project; was first Ford Foundation grant on solar energy.
  • Coquille Indian Tribe (Oregon) – Wrote grant proposals and successfully raised more than $15.0M in public and private monies for housing and economic development.
  • Muckleshoot Indian Tribe (Washington State) – Wrote grant proposals and successfully raised more than $2.0M in public monies for educational programs.
  • Mountlake Terrace Community Development (Seattle) – Wrote fundraising proposal for community development block grant from federal Ameriprise program and raised nearly $750 in public monies.
  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NYC) – Wrote fundraising and business proposals and raised $4.5M in private and public funds for community housing redevelopment.
  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NYC) – Wrote grant proposals and raised $2.3M in public funds from the US Department of Commerce for economic development agency.