Marc Baraka Strauch


  • Master of Arts, David Lynch Program in Film. MUM. Narrative and documentary storytelling, music video, business portraits and promotion, commercials. 
  • Master of Arts, Urban Planning, City University of New York. Housing and economic development, public policy, strategic planning, and organizational management.
  • Water Resource Public Policy, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University. Independent study with the director of the federal Institute for Water Resources.
  • Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science and Public Policy, State University of New York. Ecology, systems biology and geology in context of land use planning and environmental public policy.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Economic Geography, State University of New York. Geographic information systems, location analysis, geomorphology and cultural geography in context of environmental public policy.
  • Post-Graduate Coursework – Marketing, finance, organizational management, organizational psychology, information architecture, social media marketing, applied neurophysiology of consciousness.
  • Media Coursework – Screenwriting (UCLA and Ashland Film School); Visual Story Structure (Alex Buono, Director of Photography for SNL); Producing (American Film Institute and Dov Simen’s Film School); Visual storytelling (National Geographic photographers, Photography At The Summit, Jackson Hole, WY); FCP Editing (Larry Jordan);  Editing Features (Ashland Film School); Directing (Ashland Film School); DSLR cinematography (Canon EOS Professional); Film finance (UCLA and John Cones, Esq.); story structure, archetypes and mythic structure (Dara Marks and Christopher Vogler).