Marc Baraka Strauch

Executive Leadership

Executive leadership, go-to-market and change management for innovative companies in the high-tech software sector.

  • Glob Media Works (Seattle) – Co-founder and director of marketing for a cloud-based common information network (search + social engine). Co-wrote business plan, built competitive assessment and go-to-market strategy. Sold to private equity firm within 18 months of startup.
  • Topaz Bridge (Seattle) – Co-founding CEO, enterprise software developer that connected SAP with Microsoft SharePoint. Organized company, built business plan, raised seed round of $1.5M toward institutional round of $4.5M, organized marketing and sales teams and led initial go-to-market entry.
  • NS8 (Seattle & Vancouver, BC) – CMO of publicly traded company; early market entrant developing rich media content distribution and VOD platform with integrated DRM and advertising systems. Built GTM plan and led sales execution with Blockbuster, The Walt Disney Company and Dish Network.
  • Creative Intelligence (Seattle) – Managing Director, boutique consultancy focused on value-based marketing communications for enterprises and SMBs. Clients included Microsoft, Cisco, Tata, Wipro, many early stage companies and through Microsoft more than 200 global brands. Responsible for business development, project management, client deliverables, client satisfaction, financial accounting, daily operations.
  • NuovaDyne Marketing Group (Oregon) – Founder, business strategy and marketing consultancy focused on assisting early stage software, clean-green tech and consumer companies grow from product R&D to commercially driven companies based on value selling.
  • Oregon Green Expo (Oregon) – Co-founder and producer responsible for developing business plan and revenue models as well as producing content aspects of 4-day B2C trades show (25 speakers, 25 roundtable discussions and 15 eco-oriented films).
  • Cedar Research (Seattle) – Principal in boutique business development consultancy focused on providing business value related marketing and communications go-to-market services for enterprise technology companies. We used conjoint analysis, highly specialized mathematical tools to scientifically develop audience and stakeholder specific messaging and positioning.