Marc Baraka Strauch

Selected Accomplishments

  • Managing Director, Spirit Gateways, educational courseware for personal and professional development.
  • Financial Advisor, Paradigm Datacenter.
  • Founding Partner, Arch River Advisors, Arch River Capital, mid-stage company investment and advisory.
  • Award-winning filmmaker and photographer.
  • Founding Partner, Malidan Capital, angel investment fund and performance management consultancy.
  • Co-Founder and CEO, JustTagIt, the first company to monetize hashtags by enabling them to be registered in a peer-to-peer decentralized registry and owned like a domain name.
  • Business architecture and white paper author for M2e ICO.
  • ICO marketing for
  • Co-CEO of Aytopia, a business incubator of innovative community media companies and Aytopia Brands, a disruptive interpretation of social commerce.
  • Co-founder and CMO of Forensic Scan, an innovative cybersecurity company with patented cyberthreat detection and identification solution that accelerates time-to-discovery by more than 50 percent.
  • Co-founder and CMO of TagLikeMe, a cloud-based search+social company that we sold to private equity group within 18 months of startup.
  • Co-founder and CEO of Topaz Bridge, middleware software company that developed the first enterprise application integrating Microsoft SharePoint with SAP.
  • Co-founder and CMO of NS8, an online digital media distribution platform with integrated DRM for independent musicians and filmmakers four years ahead of market window.
  • Built boutique marketing consultancy that counted amongst its clients Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Tata, Wipro and a wide range of early stage software, clean-green tech and consumer product companies.
  • Co-founding member of Microsoft Business Value Team that enabled technologists to make pre-deployment financial-driven business cases to CXOs; closed many multi-million dollar sales based on pre-deployment value analysis and contributed too multi-billions of dollars in Microsoft Enterprise Agreements.
  • First person at Microsoft in 1996 to write publicly about the business value of the web for enterprise CXOs; 25 articles published on MSDN.
  • First person at Microsoft in 1997 to write publicly about TCO and business value methodology and its direct application for financially assessing the value of implementing information technologies before deployment.
  • For Microsoft, authored more than 60 business value white papers and more than 300 customer case studies, directed and produced video case studies, and built and produced marcom collateral, animated product demos, executive presentations and sales trainings all based on business value principles, positioning and messaging for Microsoft Windows Server and Client, Office, SharePoint, SharePoint Server, Tablet PC, Small Business Server, Enterprise Project Management, Enterprise Project Management Server, Windows Forms Server, and more.
  • Worked with nearly 400 leading companies throughout the world on behalf of the Microsoft Business Value team as well with senior analysts at Gartner, Giga, Forrester, and IDC.
  • Co-founded Oregon Green Expo B2C trade show and created business and revenue model and GTM plan; produced 25 speaker and 25 roundtable discussions, showcased 15 environmentally-oriented films and got personal friend, humanist, and social visionary Jean Houston to present the keynote address.
  • Recognized emerging US Hispanic market in 1989 and produced broadcast commercials in Spanish for Chevron and Quaker Oats for Young & Rubicam broadcast on Univision and Telemundo.
  • Wrote, directed and produced an environmental documentary in 1993 using Video Toaster, first PC-based NLE editing system.
  • Won first Ford Foundation grant of $1.0M for a low-income solar housing project in Seattle in 1980.
  • Co-authored NYC Coastal Zone Management Plan as part of the Environmental Planning Group at the NYC Planning Agency.
  • Co-authored and co-developed first NYC natural resource database.
  • Contender for public office as the Washington State Commissioner for Public Lands in 1992 and 1996.

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