Marc Baraka Strauch

Professional Summary

Marc Strauch_PortraitWith more than 25 years of strategic planning, marketing and executive leadership working with Fortune 500 and early stage technology companies, my passion is growing innovative thought-leading companies from product development to commercialization and market traction.

I am a co-founder of Etheralabs, a blockchain venture fund and a senior advisor of Arch River Advisors, the advisory arm of Arch River Capital. I am a founding Partner of Malidan Capital an investment fund and specialized business consulting and performance management company focused on assisting early and mid-commercial stage angel and venture-backed companies accelerate revenue generation, profitability, and successful exit. 

I am also a Partner in the Food Shed Project of Living Economy Advisors, an impact investment fund, and performance management company focused on accelerating the global transition to a regenerative life supporting and sustainable economy.

I am a co-founder of JustTagIt, the world’s first company with proprietary patent-pending technology that enables social influencers to: (1) Own their hashtag like a domain name, (2) Give the hashtag real web app functionality such as audience surveys, photo galleries, video channels, live video streaming, e-shops, encrypted P2P video chat and SMS txts, and (3) Track their hashtag with real-time notifications across all major social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. Users can measure their hashtag social reach with a real-time ROI calculator. JustTagIt is the first company to put hashtags on the blockchain.

I am also a co-founder of Forensic Scan, the first company with a patented hardware-software and SaaS solution that radically accelerates malware time-to-discovery in enterprise environments helping lower IT recovery costs while protecting revenue and customer loyalty and shareholder value.

As an entrepreneur, CXO and marketer well versed in nurturing start-up and early-stage companies and a media producer and creator (writer, director, photographer and editor)  firmly grounded in using all the tools of modern marketing communications to tell persuasive stories for business and entertainment I fully embrace the exponential power of business and storytelling as a tool for transformation.

I love working with technology and new media companies, either directly or as a coach or advisor, to do powerful, pioneering and r/evolutionary work.

A business value driven marketing communications strategy consultant to Microsoft from 1996 to 2014 I helped create the Microsoft Business Value team which developed a financial modeling and business alignment process that enabled IT professionals to make credible, finance-based business case to C-level executives before technology deployment.

As the go-to business value marketing communications professional at Microsoft I helped launch four versions of Windows Server and Client, four versions of Office, as well as Tablet PC, SharePoint Server, Forms Server, Small Business Server, Enterprise Project Management, Azure and Windows Phone 7 & 8.

I was the first person at Microsoft to write CXO-focused articles on why enterprises needed to adopt the web for business (1996) and was the first person to write about and standardize total cost of ownership (TCO) modeling tools which eventually morphed into the development of business value financial modeling and stakeholder alignment tools that became an essential component of Microsoft sales strategy for Enterprise License Agreements.

Marketing communications clients include Cisco, Intel, Tata and Wipro and through Microsoft, more than 300 of the world’s leading business and consumer brands.

I have co-founded six software startups – hashtag ownership, media and e-commerce, comprehensive malware discovery, video-on-demand and digital rights management, search+social, and enterprise middleware – and have consulted on marketing analysis, business plan development, capital formation, organizational development, values alignment and purpose-driven business, product design and development, commercialization, marketing and go-to-market planning and execution with many early-stage software, cloud, clean-green tech, transformational media and consumer companies. Most recently I have been directly engaged by early-stage companies using blockchain technology as the foundation for their applications.

With both the organizational and operations capabilities of “left” brain thinkers and the innovation of “right” brain creatives I excel in both executive management and creative leadership roles.

  • As C-level and co-founder, developed and executed metrics-driven strategic, business and GTM plans and business alliances.
  • As in-the-trenches marketing exec and copywriter built GTM teams and metrics-based marketing and social media strategy and developed marketing communications collateral in all media.
  • As business value-oriented executive and marketing and communications consultant helped companies optimize their market positioning and messaging to drive revenue, increase operational efficiencies and reduce or avoid costs all leading to improved margins and greater returns on shareholder value.
  • As business and marketing coach and advisor helped build and implement successful business and GTM plans.
  • As creative producer designed and built marketing communications collateral (print, electronic, online, video, animation) to achieve business goals.

Experienced in applying online video and online video advertising technology platforms to drive business, develop video content and design and implement social media strategy to drive traffic, increase conversion ratios and improves sales.

Driven problem solver. Excellent communicator. Flexible. Embraces new ideas, people, and circumstances with passion. Thrives in challenging and creative environments. Dynamic, positive personality. Natural teammate, leader, teacher, public speaker, and group facilitator. Dedicated to my own personal growth and global transformation through growth in collective consciousness.

M.A. graduate of the David Lynch Film program. Master’s degree in Urban Public Policy with graduate study in Water Resources at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy, Princeton University. B.S. in Economic Geography and B.A. in Environmental Science and Public Policy.

Focused on B2B with experience with B2C.

Civic / Volunteer

  • David Lynch Foundation [Los Angeles]
  • Wonder Women Tech [Los Angeles]
  • Institute for Responsible Technology [NorCal]
  • International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers [NorCal]

Advisory Boards

  • Sacred Capital [block chain investing]
  • Ethical Markets [media focused on regenerative economics]
  • Direct Harvest [dedicated blockchain application]
  • [crowd sourced solar energy]
  • [natural foods developer]

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